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Cedar ShinglesCedar Master “Cedar Shingles”

Western Red Cedar Shingles are sawn wood tiles for use on roofs and walls. The thickness of Cedar Shingles are 7/16”, the thinnest Cedar wood tile when compare to Handsplit & Resawn or Tapersawn Shakes. Thus, a neatly looks, very smooth and flat appearance are the crucial characteristics of this type of Cedar Roofing.

- They come in three sizes – 16”, 18”, and 24”.
- Each size has its own trade name.
- 16” Shingles are called “Five X”.
- 18” are “Perfections”
- 24” are known as “Royals”.
- Each size of Shingles comes in 4 grades ;
- No. 1 Grade Blue Label
- No. 2 Grade Red Label
- No. 3 Grade Black Label
- No. 4 Grade Green Label Undercoursing.
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